rowing up on a sailboat in the Florida Keys, Terry learned the importance of our limited natural resources early in life. He was bestowed a true love for nature and ecology living so connected to the rhythms of the earth. When he was 10 years old he moved off the boat to Melbourne, Florida to live with his Grandmother. He studied human behavior in college and worked as a Behavior Analyst with non-verbal children with Autism for 15 years. Learning the value of listening without using words, his human behavior experience met his deep-rooted love for nature and transcended into the field of Sacred Ecology. He began to seek out workshops on building relationships with nature and quickly discovered Permaculture. He has studied with Permaculture experts including John Jeavons, Eric Toensmeier, and David Jackie and sacred ecology wisdom keepers including John Milton and Sandra Ingerman during his 20-year quest for knowledge.

He has worked on several community building projects including community gardens for the homeless, organic gardens for children with autism, and free community permaculture courses for low-income families. His has consulted on many projects over the years from small backyard gardens to large scale installations including Sustainable Kashi in Sebastian, Florida which included an 80-acre river front intentional community with permaculture demonstration sites including perennial food forests, 7 intensive gardens, and an off-grid eco-village with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. His work was featured in Oprah Magazine in 2008 for designing and constructing the “Econ Farm”, a log cabin in Orlando, Florida that demonstrates a regenerative lifestyle using permaculture as a model.

Terry has taught classes on permaculture and closed loop eco-systems across the globe including the United States, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Panama, and in the Bahamas. Thru his work he builds a bridge between ecology and the human heart creating more healthy and happy humans on planet Earth. Terry is dedicated to teaching the Sacred Ecology philosophy to help connect people with the planet we all share.


erry Meer teaches and speaks on multiple continents about sacred ecology and permaculture. Terry started teaching environmental classes in 2008 in Orlando, Florida at his home on topics including water catchment systems, solar energy, organic gardening, permaculture design and other green technologies. As he started to gain more students, he began to expand his teaching, public appearances, and writings.

Terry Meer is the Director of Sustainable Kashi at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida. Kashi includes interfaith temples, food forests, intensive gardens, and an off-grid eco-village on an 80-acre intentional community. Terry’s work builds a bridge between the spiritual heart and ecology to create abundance and relationships. His teaching of combining permaculture closed-loop systems and deep spiritual practices has been called “sacred ecology”. This practice can produce rich soil in our hearts creating a fertile ground for the manifestation of abundance and happiness in our lives.

Terry Meer is an expert permaculture designer, and the author of “Simple as That”