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3107, 2018

A regenerative community

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In Hawaii an Ahupua’a was a division of land often from mountain top to the beach. Within this ahupua’a a regenerative community was formed.

109, 2013

Green Roofs

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Green roofs last longer than conventional roofs, reduce energy costs with natural insulation, create peaceful retreats for people and animals, and absorb storm water, potentially

1005, 2013

Do you have Gotu Kola near you

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Gotu kola stimulates the central nervous system, aids in the elimination of fluids, shrinks tissues, decreasess fatigue and depression and can also stimulate sexual appetite.

2402, 2014

Cranberry Hibiscus

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The hibiscus plant, in general, is accredited as a rich source of vitamin C. Hibiscus also contains vitamin B-3 which is also called niacin, and

512, 2013

Cilantro can lift you up.

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The carboxylic acid in cilantro binds the heavy metals such as mercury in the blood and carries them out of the body. Their removal reverses

805, 2013

Uses for Tulsi

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Tulsi is such an amazing friend in the garden. 1. It is used as an antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic. 2. It is used in cough

908, 2013

Community Gardens

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Community gardens allow families and individuals, without land of their own, the opportunity to produce food. Oftentimes gardeners take advantage of the experiential knowledge of

2803, 2012

Oprah Magazine Article

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Terry and Tia Meer are featured in the January 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Entitled "Back to Basics," Tia and Terry discuss "voluntary

2402, 2017

Plant fruit trees!!

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Action: Plant more fruit trees Why? Many benefits come with planting trees in general. Trees are an important part of nature, mainly because they provide

1006, 2018

Living in a Plastic World

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Why do we use plastic? Plastic is cheap, convenient, and easy to make. It’s in our clothes. Our cars. Our homes. It’s a useful substance.

1804, 2016

How to make Compost Tea

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As an organic gardener, I am always looking for ways to add fertility to my garden. One of the fastest and most effective methods I

1907, 2013


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This is a must see if your ever in New Mexico. An earthship house is made up of rammed earth and tires. The tires are

2205, 2018

What is Permaculture

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What is Permaculture? Definition: A design science that imitates nature to create abundance systems.. Essentially, it’s being conscious of the use of your resources; food,

206, 2013

Olive leaf and you

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Olive leaf (Olea europaea) was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt. It is gaining recognition as a powerful defender against sickness and numerous scientific studies