Gotu kola stimulates the central nervous system, aids in the elimination of fluids, shrinks tissues, decreasess fatigue and depression and can also stimulate sexual appetite. Gotu kola has also been recommended for rheumatism, blood disease, mental disorder, high blood pressure, a sore throat, tonsillitis, cystitis, venereal disease (hopefully you wont need it for this), insomnia, and to relieve stress.

Gotu Kola can be used in a variety of forms in order to benefit from its healing properties. It can be used as massage oil, a shampoo, a poultice, a tea, and a skin cream. It is often combine with sandalwood and lemon when used in one of the previous forms.

Gotu kola has a balancing effect on all three doshas, which are the bio-energies of Ayurveda, and so the plant can be beneficial to just about anyone. Gotu kola infusions, taken as a beverage, will improve circulation in the legs and can also treat varicose veins. The plant will also act as a soporific in cases of insomnia. When used as a compress, the infusion will relieve psoriasis. To make such an infusion, pour 2 cups of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of the herb and let steep for 10 minutes. Drink up to 2 cups a day, adding lemon or honey to taste if desired. If the results of a compress are disappointing, try strengthening the infusion used.
According to tradition, the natives of Sri Lanka were probably the first people to use gotu kola for its medicinal properties. They noticed that elephants, which are the species of animal that is most renowned for their longevity, loved to eat the rounded gotu kola leaves. Hence the proverb ‘Two leaves a day keeps old age away”