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The Green Education Center is proud to announce the 2020 Permaculture Design Course!
This year’s course will be held at Sustainable Kashi in beautiful Sebastian, Florida, lead by the Permaculture Director of Sustainable Kashi, Terry Meer.
Sustainable Kashi is an 80-acre community on the Saint Sebastian River with permaculture demonstration sites including perennial food forests, 7 intensive gardens, and an off-grid eco-village with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. This abundant land has all the systems in place to demonstrate hands-on training of Permaculture in action.
A permaculture design course (PDC) is a life-changing internationally-recognized 72-hour curriculum, teaching people around the world the principles and foundations of ecological design to benefit the planet and society, methods of environmental stewardship, community-based self-reliance, and how to employ the earth’s regenerative ecosystems systems without exploiting and depleting its finite natural resources.
The permaculture philosophy teaches the harmonious relationship between people and the earth, advocating a healthy future for both.
This course is for people who want to work as professional designers, obtain practical, hands-on experience to live a more sustainable life, build a more resilient community, increase self-sufficiency in food production and energy needs, and for anyone interested in meeting human needs by turning our surroundings into abundant ecosystems.
This class will immerse you in an ethical and ecological mind/skill-set to create positive change and is known to alter the way we see ourselves in the world.

Feb 28, 2020, will be the start of our 8th Annual PDC Retreat at Sustainable Kashi, in Sebastian, FL. Terry and select guest speakers will be teaching alongside students, providing face-to-face lectures and demonstrations.
Take time to immerse yourself for any individual or all 5 weekends in nature, education, and fun! Meet like-minded friends that are interested in learning about the benefits of Permaculture in their lives.
A permaculture retreat is a wonderful way to connect with nature while disconnecting from everyday life in order to bring yourself back in balance.
Classes will be structured in a way that allows time to:
  • Walk Kashi’s lush sub-tropical paths lined with palmettos, pines, and oak.
  • Kayak the Sebastian River.
  • Partake in daily yoga classes.
  • Read and study Permaculture on 80 beautiful acres after intensive classroom sessions, diving deep into the key aspects of Permaculture.
  • Get your hands dirty in one of our many organic gardens or Permaculture demonstration sites.
  • Chat with fellow classmates at Rudra’s Kitchen; eating the most amazing and healthy vegetarian food imaginable.
  • Sit beneath the stars at the evening’s campfire or outside your tent listening to the night owls.

Growing up on a sailboat in the Florida Keys, Terry Meer learned the importance of our valuable and limited natural resources creating a desire to see alternatives to ecologically destructive electrical, water, transportation, and waste-treatment systems in popular society. He has studied with Permaculture experts including John Jeavons, Eric Toensmeier, and David Jackie and sacred ecology wisdom keepers including John Milton and Sandra Ingerman during his 20-year journey for knowledge. Terry has taught classes on permaculture and closed loop eco-systems across the United States, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Panama, and in the Bahamas.
With gourmet meals, guest instructors, small class sizes, and Terry Meer leading this year’s course, you will want to register soon!
Your tuition includes:
  • Internationally recognized certification course
  • Three healthy vegetarian meals per day
  • A peaceful place to pitch your tent in our off-grid eco-village.
What is not included:
  • Course textbook
Event weekends include:
1: Feb 28 – March 1
2: March 13 – 15
3: April 3 – 5
4: April 24 – 26
5: May 22 – 24
You may attend any of the stand-alone weekends. However, you must attend all weekends to receive the PDC certificate.
Class size is limited to 12


9 available
PDC 2020$950.00

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