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Unplug in Nature
Human beings are spending less time outdoors. This nature-less change results in a wide range of behavioral problems especially in children. We are quickly watching ourselves become disconnected from the natural world. We invite you to join us for a group weekend unplugged experience in nature. We will explore the nature around us and the nature within us in the beautiful off-grid eco-village at Sustainable Kashi.
In this 3 day retreat you will experience life without the distractions of the modern word. We invite you to put down the cell phones and television screens and immerser yourself in nature. Experience the stars, story telling, community, and of course amazing organic food prepared by our amazing chef. We will share communication and nature skills with each other and create networks and relationships in divine connection. We will use regenerative appropriate technology for all of our water and energy needs in the eco-village demonstrating how living in balance with our eco-system can be. We will create the space where you can grow a deeper awareness of the landscape in which we all live. At the end of our weekend we will explore ways to integrate these newly discovered skills back into your life creating a more peaceful lifestyle. This is a camping experience so please bring your own tent and sleeping gear. All food and workshop materials will be provided.


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unplug in nature$175.00

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