Bug hotels are a beautiful and advantageous addition to any garden, especially those that are organic or don’t use pesticides. These hotels provide a cozy home to the beneficial insects that can help control and reduce populations of harmful insects, keep your plants happy, and so much more. Here’s the recipe we used to make our Sustainable Kashi bug hotel: 1st Layer- Dig a few inches into the soil to provide a sturdy foundation. Place and level bricks to create space for the first layer. Fill this first layer with pinecones and hay. Top with a board for layer separation. 2nd layer- Place more bricks and fill this layer in with cut bamboo (ours was grown here on Kashi grounds). Top with a board for layer separation. 3rd Layer- Place and level the bricks. Add just a few sticks of bamboo surrounded by woodchip-mulch. Top with a board for layer separation. 4th Layer- Fill with larger pieces of wood. On the top, we created a flower garden to attract butterflies and bees. There are many fantastic resources online about bug hotels and what to use to attract certain bugs in your local environment!