2020 Permaculture Design Course

A permaculture design course (PDC) is a life-changing internationally-recognized 72-hour curriculum, teaching people around the world the principles and foundations of ecological design to benefit the planet and society.

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Sustainable Kashi’s Talent Show & Potluck

Last Free Permaculture Class of the season = Talent Show & Potluck! We invite you to join us to close off the season with a talent show & potluck celebration! You can sing, dance, share a story, or just shine your light. Please bring any talent to share & a dish for everyone to enjoy, and we will all join in a delicious potluck lunch afterward! We have an outdoor kitchen and we will make tea for everyone.

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Zero-Waste Workshop with Amy and Mandalynn

Join Amy Zelt and Mandalynn Freeman for their zero-waste workshop, where they will focus on the pivotal times we are facing today and how we can each be the solution. The workshop will consist of steps we can take to live closer to a zero-waste lifestyle, personal experiences and insights with zero-waste, and more!

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